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Vani Gupta

Visiting Faculty

Contact Information:


Howley Hall Service 227


Ph.D. - Computer Science University of Massachusetts Amherst

Area(s) of Expertise:

Distributed Systems, Operating Systems, Networking, Databases, Data Analytics, Algorithms, Green Computing, Sustainability

Selected Publications:

Gupta, V. Shenoy, P. Sitaraman, R. (2019) Combining Renewable Solar and Open Air Cooling for Greening Internet-Scale Distributed Networks (Winner of Best Paper Award).

Gupta, V. Shenoy, P. Sitaraman, R. (2018) Efficient Solar Provisioning for Net-Zero Internet-Scale Distributed Networks.

Gupta, V. Lee, S. Shenoy, P. Sitaraman, R. Urgaonkar, R. (2016) How to Cool Internet-Scale Distributed Networks on the Cheap.

Gupta, V. Lee, S. Urgaonkar, R. Sitaraman, R. Shenoy, P. (2015) Towards Cooling Internet-Scale Distributed Networks on the Cheap.

Lu, W. Miklau, G. Gupta, V. (2014) Generating Private Synthetic Databases for Untrusted System Evaluation.

Gupta, V. Miklau, G. Polyzotis, N. (2011) Private Database Synthesis for Outsourced System Evaluation.

Prasad, V. Lee, Y. (2003) A Scalable Infrastructure for Peer-to-Peer Networks Using Web Service Registries and Intelligent Peer Locators.

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